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COMP 3220 Human-Computer Interaction
Semester Project

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Report Form

Percentage of Grade

Due Date

Assignment 1
Tasks and requirements

Description, Short description




Word template




Feb 23

Assignment 2
Low-fidelity prototype and walkthrough

Structure, Interaction, Presentation, Internet




Mar 16

Assignment 3
Hi-fidelity prototype

Usability testing




Apr 11

Late assignments: one day  -10%

Submit assignments in Myelearning

FINAL PRESENTATION: Prepare 20-25 PowerPoint slides (15 min presentation) sumarrizing assignments 1 and 2 (total 10-12 slides) and details on assignment 3 showing short the computer prototype, results of usability testing, HCI/usability problems allocated and how they can be solved.

FINAL PROJECT: Submitting Assignment 3 (deadline Apr 11) students should submit together in one Word document all assignments (A1-A3) in Myelearning (example name 5-hci-short-project-title.doc). Lo-fi prototype files (zipped) and hi-fi prototype files (zipped) or WWW links should be submitted with names starting with project number. Powerpoint files should be also uploaded in Myelearning.

Overview | Projects 2015

Alexander Nikov                              COMP 3220Semester Project

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