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Internationalisation Spirit

UWI makes internationalisation a major component of its blueprint for development over the next five years.


We gave Cocoa to the World

A closer look at the rich legacy and international contributions of UWI's Cocoa Research Unit as it celebrates its 50th anniversary and ascends to Centre status.

Rebuilding the Cocoa Industry

The potential of the industry and the input of Cocoa Research Centre in the rejuvenation process.

Cultivating the New Agriculturalist

Professor Clement K. Sankat, PVC and Principal of UWI St. Augustine Campus speaks about how the new faculties at his campus hope to transform agriculture.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Ground breaking work by a multidisciplinary team of UWI researchers put the pig's heart at the centre of cutting-edge technology.

Regional Competitiveness takes the Spotlight

A discussion with Indera Sagewan-Alli, Director of UWI's Caribbean Competitiveness Centre on the Centre's role in leveraging the entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation of the Caribbean.

Building Medical Sciences at Mona

The UWI Mona Campus Strategically upgrades its facilities to create an environment that encourages high quality teaching, first class research and a positive learning experience.

The Caribbean Growth Forum

The first ever Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF) - a regional platform for dialogue on nurturing Caribbean economic growth hosted by the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), UK's Department for International Development (DFID), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and UWI.

From Fertility Education to Birthing Hope

The Hugh Wynter Fertility Management Unit develops new strategies to remain competitive and maximize its income earning potential.


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Issue 11

July - December 2012

Pelican Issue 11 - Internationalisation




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Online Exclusives

Sherlock, UWI Mona

UWI Mona gets Institutional Accreditation
The first institution in Jamaica to gain institutional accreditation from the UCJ

PAHO Director Dr. C. Etienne

UWI Alumna Elected to lead PAHO
Dr. Carissa Etienne is the new director of the Pan American Health Organization

Strategic Plan 2012-17UWI's Cocoa Research Unit marks its 50th Anniversary with ‘Fête de la cocoa’ View photos from the celebration





"Our regional character will be the basis for our international engagement. The UWI is unique in the global setting (its regional reach, its areas of focus, its history, its dominant role in Caribbean society)... We understand and have embraced this uniqueness and it is on this basis that we will engage the rest of the world to collaborate and compete."

Mr. Sharan Chandradath Singh,
Director, Office of Institutional Advancement and Internationalisation, UWI St. Augustine



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 Pelican 11

On The Cover
Hello World. Our response to the forces of globalisation requires our institution to enhance its global reach and impact. We dedicate this issue's cover to the internationalisation theme as UWI plays host to the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) 2012 Conference of Executive Heads this year, and intensifies its focus on internationalisation in its new strategic road map 2012-17.



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